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Infinity Demo Material

Posted by on July 17th, 2011 with 0 Comments

At the time it was announced, the Infinity from Grass Valley seemed to be as close as camera technology had come to the Holy Grail. A file based video camera that recorded on multiple media types, shot in virtually any format, had a choice of compression codecs and had an intuitive user interface with an incredible feature set. To top it off the camera came with a new CMOS sensor set which delivered astounding images.

As the primary North American sales and marketing engineer for Infinity I took every chance I could to shoot interesting images to show off the cameras capabilities.

(note: because of the bitrate and size,
you may find that downloading this file and playing it locally
provides better playback performance

The total running time is: 10:05

Download Video

Windows Media. (wmv) (158MB)

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Right click and select “Save As” to download and save a copy locally.

If it does not play, check the top of your browser window, there may be a request to run the Windows Media plugin.


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