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Main Demo Reel

Posted by on July 18th, 2011 with Comments Off on Main Demo Reel

My main demo reel is a combination of elements.
There are several pieces which originated from much longer cut stories or programs and there are several short montage sections which showcase a mix of related images.
While not very recent and all standard def, all of the camerawork and editing is mine.
You will find a listing of the elements at the bottom of this post.

The total running time is: 7:07

Location: Eastern Germany
Poland Pollution: (cut story)
Location: Katowice, Poland Correspondent: Siri Nyrop – World Monitor, Boston U.S.A.
Military (montage)
Location: Germany, Yugoslavia
Looking East and West (cut story)
Location: Minsk, Belarus Correspondent: Brent Sadler – CNN International
Faces (montage)
Location: Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia
Mosquito Indians (cut story) 2:34-3:09
Location: Patuca River Region, Honduras Correspondent: Peter Arnett – CNN, Atlanta U.S.A.
Country Side (montage)
Location: Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia
Is Change Possible (cut story)
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Correspondent: Hillary Bowker – CNN International
E. German Suicide (cut story)
Location: Eastern Berlin, Germany Correspondent: Philip Zahn – RIAS TV, Berlin Germany
Macedonia, In a Bind (cut story)
Location: Skopje, Macedonia Correspondent: Patricia Kelly – CNN International
Heavy Industry (montage)
Location: Eastern Germany, Poland
Collective Farms (cut story)
Location: Conow, Eastern Germany Correspondent: Siri Nyrop – World Monitor, Boston U.S.A.
Dusk (montage)
Location: Eastern Germany, Yugoslavia
Close: trt: 7:07


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