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Blind Ambition Book Trailer

Posted by on March 10th, 2021 with 0 Comments

Who knew – Well I certainly didn’t know that it has become very common to have video trailers for books. Seems a tad counterintuitive except that video drives so much of our modern world, particularly in terms of “social Media” and as such, marketing and sales.

Late last year (2020), I was asked to create a trailer for a book that released in February 2021. I immediately understood how a trailer could work for something like a romance novel and that is pretty easy to imagine and create. The motivational story told in Blind Ambition by Chad E. Foster took more time to fully encapsulate but I think the end result, which actually involves some 15 or so different videos, gets to the core of the story while developing empathy for the writer.

This is the base video, most of the others are customized versions for specific audiences, created by adding to or subtract from this version.

If you like it, visit Chad’s site, check out the story in more detail and perhaps get the hardcover or eBook for yourself – It really is a good story.

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